Thursday, January 30, 2014

GNU Screen

This is one of those things I picked up years ago while in graduate school that I just assumed everyone else already knew about. GNU screen is a great utility built-in to most Linux installations for remote session management. Typing 'screen' at the command line enters a new screen session. Once launched, you can start processes in the screen session, detach the session with Ctrl-a+d, then reattach at a later point and resume where you left off. See this screencast I made below:


  1. Screen is great. I first found it in this great primer on Kuro5hin:

  2. I also recommend tmux.. screen can be a bit tricky to configure..

  3. Thanks for that. I have passively known screen for a long time but this helps me to start to use it. Ctrl-a d, screen -r, screen -ls ->, easy.

  4. I wanted to write a blog on screen a while ago and never did...


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