Monday, August 29, 2011

Bioinformatics Posters Collection

I mentioned BioStar in a previous post about getting all your questions answered. I can't emphasize enough how helpful the BioStar and other StackExchange communities are. Whenever I ask a statistics question on CrossValidated or a programming question on StackOverflow I often multiple answers within 10 minutes.

Recently there was a question on BioStar from someone making their poster for a bioinformatics poster presentation and wanted some inspiration for design and layout. No less than 7 community members posted responses the same day, linking to sites where you can download poster presentations, including VIZBI 2011 (workshop on visualizing biological data), F1000 Posters (which collects posters from the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology conference), Nature Precedings (not specifically limited to bioinformatics), and several others.

While you can see plenty of posters at the meeting you're attending, it isn't much help when you're trying to design and layout your poster beforehand. I've used the same tired old template for poster presentations for years, and it's helpful to see examples of other bioinformatics posters for fresh ideas about design and layout.

I would also encourage you to deposit some of your posters in places like F1000 (deposit link) or Nature Precedings (submission link). While these aren't peer-reviewed, it can really increase the visibility of your work, and it gives you a permanent DOI (at least for Nature Precedings) that you can link to or reference in other scientific communication.

See this Q&A at BioStar for more.

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