Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sync your home directories on ACCRE and the local Linux servers (a.k.a. "the cheeses")

Vanderbilt ACCRE users with PCs only...

If you use ACCRE to run multi-processor jobs you'll be glad to know that they now allow you to map your home directory to your local desktop using Samba (so you can access your files through My Computer as you normally would with local files).  Just submit a help request on their website and they'll get you set up.

Now if you have both your ACCRE home and your home on the cheeses mapped, you can easily sync the files between the two.  Download Microsoft's free SyncToy to do the job.  It's pretty dead simple to set up, and one click will synchronize files between the two servers.

I didn't want to synchronize everything, so I set it up to only sync directories that contain perl scripts and other programs that I commonly use on both machines.  SyncToy also seems pretty useful for backing up your files too.

Microsoft SyncToy

Ask ACCRE to let you map your home

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