Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Linux Tutorial

Last week I posted a one-page reference guide that gives a short description of the Linux commands I most commonly use. To accompany this, here is a detailed walkthrough filled with examples that will introduce any beginner to the basics of using Linux in just a few hours. Many thanks to Eric Torstenson in the Ritchie lab for putting this together.

Linux Tutorial (PDF)


  1. Do you have any tutorials for setting up shell scripts to run the same analysis on multiple files?

  2. I've always used perl for automating analyses. As an example, calling this program with the files you want to analyze as arguments to the program will run MDR on all the files you specify.

    foreach $file (@ARGV)
    `sMDR $file`;

    Save that file as "runmdr.pl", then call it like this:

    perl runmdr.pl dataset1 dataset2...


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