Sunday, March 15, 2009

SNPper: quickly get info about a list of SNPs

Many of you have used this before, but for those who haven't, SNPper is a convenient little web application for quickly annotating results. So you've done your association analysis and have a list of rs-numbers you'd like to quickly get more information about. You could always look these up on the UCSC genome browser or in dbSNP, but if you have hundreds and you want some quick info such as what genes they're in, what genomic position they occupy, whether they're exonic, nonsynonymous, in a promoter region, etc., try SNPper. You can register for free, or use their guest access which doesn't require registration. Paste a list of rs-numbers into their box, and click find. It also gives you some nice options for exporting the information to a file. They also offer other bioinformatics tools, such as gene ontology browsing and transcription factor binding site identification.



  1. Why SNPper is not working ?

  2. yes,I can't login it also!

  3. This tool is several years old now. Try SNP Nexus, it's a little newer and has more features.


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