Monday, March 21, 2011

RStudio Keyboard Shortcut Reference PDF

I recently started using RStudio, the amazing new IDE for R. You can view all of RStudio's keyboard shortcuts by going to the help menu, but I made this printable reference for myself and thought I'd share it. I only included the Windows shortcuts, and I cut out all the obvious ones (Ctrl-S for save, Ctrl-O for open, etc) so it would fit neatly on one page.

RStudio Keyboard Shortcuts (PDF)


  1. Thanks! Could you please share it somewhere where we don't have to login just to download it?

  2. Nthing anonymous. Why throw something helpful behind a sign up wall? Direct link to pdf, please!

  3. I would be keen to hear your opinion of RStudio vs Revolution R Stephen.

  4. I haven't really used Revolution R Enterprise that much so I can't make a very fair comparison. I downloaded it once but never really used it. The download was huge and the interface seemed a little bloated.

    RStudio uses your current R installation, including all your installed packages and your R profile, so setup was a piece of cake. You also don't have to register and get license keys out of an email to use the software. Most important of all, however, is RStudio is, and always will be, free. Sure, I can get the academic version of Revolution free for now, but what happens when I change jobs? I don't want to get used to a nice IDE only to have it not available to me in the future.

    That said I'm sure there are things Revolution has that RStudio doesn't have (yet), like a debugger, and code snippets. Not sure what else, now that foreach and doSMP are on CRAN.

  5. Not being able to view multiple source windows opened simultaneously in RStudio is a deal-killer for me. It will be my preferred R IDE if\when that gets added.

  6. Stephen, your PDF links gives a 404. Your post via R-bloggers is the first to come up in a websearch for "rstudio shortcuts pdf", so you might want to fix this. :-)

    1. Thanks for the 404 notice. This is now fixed. I haven't updated this PDF since March 2011 and only includes windows shortcuts. Need to update this.


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